I miss her.

step one (slippery slope)

I’m not doing well.


we all have them
they grow inside and bloom in time
and some are immediate


The mind keeps moving
The mind keeps moving
The mind keeps moving
And if I stop I’ll sink.

The mind stops moving
The mind starts drowning
The lungs stop breathing
We get pulled under.

we all have skeletons inside us

Anonymous said: Boo.


an “okay” night with friends is better than an “okay” night alone, sometimes.


Was it a turning point

Or just a good day?

Sometimes I hope.

Only time can say.

low points

if you don’t believe you’ll get better

you’ll start believing you won’t.




knowing there is a light

is better than sitting in the dark.


Maybe I’m falling apart
Maybe I’m coming undone
Maybe I’m thawing, warming up
Maybe this is good.

best intentions

And just like that
In only an hour
It found a way
To wound the three friends
It had recently held dear.

social interaction in eight simple steps

  1. make contact
  2. open mouth
  3. words?
  4. silence
  5. repeat steps three and four until something
  6. something
  7. make contact again sometime
  8. or don’t.

first mover strategy

It’s been almost three months since we last spoke.

I’m beginning to think “I still want to be friends” is nothing more than a courtesy.

I miss her.


A pig
In a blanket
On antibiotics.

It comes in waves.